2015 Media Nite

This year's Media Nite was a blast; the chairs were all full and the cheers were enthusiastic. On the bottom of the program it said,

"This Media Nite is dedicated to our friend, colleague, and ardent supporter, Mr. Thomas Dallman. Media will miss you."

After losing our beloved biology teacher, Mr. Thomas Dallman, the entire SOTA community has been very considerate and respectful to his family and friends. Lots of students were close with him, and this Media Nite being dedicated to him shows how much he was loved at school.

Media Department Directors: Salome Milstead and Scott Eberhardt.
Shots from Ethan Bresnick's film "Remaining Ashes"
Media Artists-In Resisdence: Jesse Filipko, Calliope Scherrer, Christian Figueroa, Shani Heckamn Media Families and Friends, FOSOTA, and Julie Glantz for design and promotion.

The spectacular Media Nite included comedic films as well as documentaries, animations, and horror. The wide variety of themes and moods was intriguing, keeping the audience looking forward to the next film.

Another great thing was recognizing classmates in the films. The animations were very symbolic and deep, and I enjoyed every single one very much.

Remaining Ashes
Films shown were:

Scott Through The Hardt by THE SENIORS: T. Bunting, A. Cabrera, T. Ducheneaux, M. Hirota, T. Montz, M. Pfahler, L. Rioja, G. Rude, S. Stern.

Aphelion by Maya Hirota

Torino by Luca Foggini

Locked Out by Chaia Startz

When I Grow Out by Mariela Gandara

A Shot of Love by Madeltnne Hewett

Like by Gillian Rude

Remaining Ashes
Remaining Ashes by Ethan Bresnick

BBQ for BK by Stevie Stern

The Third Man by Alisha Syed

Making Light In Tbilisi by Nilo Batle

The Days Ahead by Reign Lafreniere

Gold Country by Mimi Pfahler

Harms Way by Charlie Blecker

Animafia by Tyler Ducheneaux

Frayed by Aodhan Burns

Domus by Ben Vu

Birthday Blues by Shiloh Atkinson

Rather than going through every film on its own, I'm going to talk about the overall impression of this Media Nite. I found that since the variety of topics of the films was so abundant, every film was something way different from what came before. Many films were funny, and others were serious, The animations were symbolic and amusing to the eye. Overall, there was never a moment during the evening when I was bored.

Vocalist Mackenzie Rohan, who acted in Shiloh Atkinson's film Birthday Blues said,

"I loved being able to work with Shiloh on her movie, Birthday Blues. It's always a great opportunity to perform in front of your peers but that was simply the icing on the cake of a fabulous experience. It was such an honor to work alongside my friends and to watch all of the hard work that was put into Media Nite pay off. I think all the movies were brilliant."

Filmaker Ethan Bresnick, who filmed Remaining Ashes said,

"Well, Ben Vu's film Domus was one of the most incredible animated films I've seen from the Media Department. The meticulous detail and symbolism behind his drawings fascinated me. Nilo Batle's film Making Light In Tbilisi was an interesting insight into his family's art and his travels with his parents. I enjoyed how his narration and fast paced editing style gave us a look into the trip through his eyes."

Remaining Ashes
I want to give special thanks so Salome Milstead and Scott Eberhardt.


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