SEVEN DEADLY SEAMS: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Technical Theater Dept Fashion Show

The seventh annual fashion show on April 28, 2017, hosted by Costume Head Annete Ribeiro, was a waterfall of colorful and innovative new clothing. Featuring clothing sets of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the Theater Tech Department stunned everyone (yet again) with their skill and mastery at creating their very own show with a set design meant to amaze and intrigue the audience.

Designers of collections included Grace McGee, Bea Nussbaum, Sophia Lunardi, Alyssa McDowell, Assata Conley (freshmen),Mina Kreutzer Joo, Char Burns (sophomores), Julias Ocampo, Beatrice Griffin, Amarisa Azucar, Maya Clemmons, Meztli Mercado (juniors), and Nina Patchell (senior).

All the clothing was well fit and displayed creativity, unusual influences, and scintillating patterns and designs. Unfortunately, I do not have a list of all the models in the program, but I can state for a fact that they were all elegant and original in their presenting of the clothing.  Each individual brought their own spark of creativity to the show, and the result was a much enjoyable and upbeat one for the audience.

Round of applause to the entire Theater Tech Department of SOTA for keeping together the school's entire season of concerts. Without them, our concerts would not be even half of what they are now. The Technical Theater Department is led by director Paul Kwapy. 


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