UCSC BARNSTORM: Musical Theater Scenes Fall 2017

Taking place in a theater resembling a barn - or maybe it is a barn - the Fall 2017 Musical Theater Scenes was the perfect way to de-stress before finals (only if you were in the audience, of course). Directed by Ben Chau-Chiu, Josiah Bartel, and Zade Dardari,  the program was a mix-mash of all your favorite scenes from all your favorite musicals.

The show opened with Hello! from The Book of Mormon, featuring the entire company of performers. The second scene was Been a Long Day from How To Succeed In Business, a very cute and funny performance by Kali Kecskemeti, Sydney Nation, and Zade Dardari. After this uplifting introduction, the program rolled through a beautiful performance of Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent, done by Katie Charlton and Micaela Sinclair and a romantic spook, Crazier Than You, from The Addams Family, done by Kelsey Schroder and William Seifert. The tongue-twister Getting Married Today from Company was done by Josiah Bartel, Margot Hoffman, and Sydney Nation. Then came Alex Seifert and William Seifert in the comic duet We Can Do It from The Producers. Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia transformed into an unexpectedly amazing singalong, as was advised in the program, and everybody loved it! There was the unfortunately short but funny scene If You Were Gay from Avenue Q, done by Sage Pell and Zade Dardari, which was followed by The Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton (Micaela Sinclair, Natalie Dong, Sage Pell, and Sydney Nation) and another cute duet It's De-Lovely from Anything Goes, done by Josiah Bartel and Kali Kecskemeti. Of course there was Agony from Into The Woods, a silly performance of which was done by Alex Seifert and Sage Pell. The last scene on the program was One Day More from Les Miserables, performed by the entire company.

Choreography: Katy Mlodzik
Stage Manager: Amber Gebert-Goldsmith
Lighting Design: Josiah Bartel
Alex Seifert
Christy Conway
Josiah Bartel
Kali Kecskemeti
Katie Charlton
Katy Mlodzik
Kelsey Schroder
Margot Hoffman
Micaela Sinclair
Natalie Dong
Sage Pell
Sydney Nation
William Seifert
Zade Dardari

I didn't list all the scenes performed tonight, but the whole show was fun to watch!