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What you are about to read, gently speaking, is out of my realm of typical articles. If you've read some of my other posts, you probably know that I usually write about operas, classical music, and recently I did my first dramatic play article (which was super fun, by the way. . . you should check it out!) Back to what I was saying. I firmly believe that it is my duty and obligation, as a human being living on Planet Earth, to address the issue you will now read about below. It is very important to me and - I hope - important to you, too.

If you've been off the internet for the past two months, you probably haven't seen the several lengthy articles regarding the upcoming alien invasion. The sources aren't especially consistent when it comes to facts, but I think that this glitch is in reality the aliens trying to intercept the factual information that our fellow humans are putting out there for our use. I also think that in the case the aliens don't mean us any ha…