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Media Nite 2k16

As the school year comes to a grand final, I find myself torn apart between finals and school concerts. This is when I realize that I need a movie night. So where do I go? Obviously the SOTA Media Nite department's movie showcase: Media Nite! 
I actually missed the Media Nite at the beginning of this school year, so this was my first Media Nite for this year and it was a blast!  
One general thing I enjoyed very much about the evening was that all of the movies had contrasting themes and ideas which were seamlessly woven together, producing a very whole effect. This made the evening pass by quickly and enjoyably. 
I will honestly say that I did not take notes during the evening so I have nothing to say about the specific movies, but I will say that they were all very original and intriguing. From silent films to animations to movies filmed abroad, Media Nite was memorable in every aspect of the word.
Special thanks to Salome Milstead and Scott Eberhardt. 
I will follow up with a …