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Post Audition Essay Craze Episode 1

Now that I'm finally done with my college auditions, I will now resume to blog my brains out at my lovely Freako Diva. But before I can actually come up with entertaining content, I would like to share all of my college application essays. I put such an effort into them and shed so much sweat and blood over them that it would be so anti-climactic not to share them here. I would like to begin my essay-posting process with a little operatic satire. This was the prompt for the famous Juilliard School of Music, and I think my response to this absolutely awesome prompt is worth sharing.Prompt: If you could introduce two artists for a collaborative production, who would they be, and what might they make? Provide details that would encourage us to attend the performance.A colorful blend of American and European art produces an opera production worth the outrageous ticket price. Experience the evening of your lifetime with all-time favorite tongue twisters set to beautiful Bel Canto music…