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Hypnotism: How Can I Withstand?

Ever been hypnotized? Maybe by a hypnotherapist? Or a complete stranger? There's no difference. No matter who does it, the process is the same. But have you ever wondered if you can withstand? You'd be surprised but there actually is one simple way to avoid hypnos. Trust. If you happen to trust the person performing the act upon you, the person is your master. Or at least for the time while he is hypnotizing.

When you get hypnotized, you are capable of doing terrible things without even knowing or wishing to! If the hypnotizer tells you that you are going to get murdered by so-and-so tomorrow, you might, unwillingly, go and murder that person in order to save yourself from the potential murderer. Not to mention that the person probably had no intention of killing so. Such is the power of hypnos.

Why do we sometimes trust a complete stranger who is hypnotizing us? We don't understand that sometimes we trust a person without intending to. When a person is talking to us, we l…