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Santa Cruz Baroque Festival: Cupid's Gift - Love Songs and Enchantments

I will be completely honest with you. I went to this concert because I desperately needed extra credit for my music history class, which may be the most dishonorable and deplorable reason to attend a concert; but if this redeems me as not being a monster in any way, I am so grateful I actually ended up going. Despite the fact that I am writing an article about a concert that happened more than two weekends ago, and that most of this article is content taken from the concert report I wrote in order to receive above mentioned extra credit for reasons I would rather not disclose publicly, I would still like to write about this because it gives me the opportunity to write about an entire concert series! 

The Santa Cruz Baroque Festival is celebrating its 45th season consisting of 5 concerts, the first of which occurred on February 10th, and the second of which is next weekend, March 3, at 7:30 pm at the Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz. Concert Two, 500th Birthday Celebration - Medici Codex…