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7 Horrifying Personages of the Christmas Season!

The Holiday Season is upon us, regardless of which holiday we celebrate, and the joy is so prevalent in the air that the temptation to disembowel your friends and family is irresistible! No? Just me?

Although I know how dark our fantasies can sometimes be, especially during such a magical time of year, I don't think they are as dark as these old, Pagan traditions that have made their way to Christmas.

Hans Trapp
The most terrifying part about this legend is that it is based on a real guy names Hans von Trotha, who lived in 15th-century Palatinate, a region in southwestern Germany. With a biography consisting of fraud and illegitimacy in business matters, as well as depriving a town of water by building a dam in the river and then flooding that town by suddenly tearing down said dam, completely wrecking the town economically, von Trotha was also a Satanist. He ended up being exiled by the Catholic Church under Pope Alexander VI to the forest. It all went downhill from there: Hans T…

UCSC BARNSTORM: Musical Theater Scenes Fall 2017

Taking place in a theater resembling a barn - or maybe it is a barn - the Fall 2017 Musical Theater Scenes was the perfect way to de-stress before finals (only if you were in the audience, of course). Directed by Ben Chau-Chiu, Josiah Bartel, and Zade Dardari,  the program was a mix-mash of all your favorite scenes from all your favorite musicals.

The show openedwith Hello! from The Book of Mormon, featuring the entire company of performers. The second scene was Been a Long Day from How To Succeed In Business, a very cute and funny performance by Kali Kecskemeti, Sydney Nation, and Zade Dardari. After this uplifting introduction, the program rolled through a beautiful performance of Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent, done by Katie Charlton and Micaela Sinclair and a romantic spook, Crazier Than You, from The Addams Family, done by Kelsey Schroder and William Seifert. The tongue-twister Getting Married Today from Company was done by Josiah Bartel, Margot Hoffman, and Sydney Nation. Then ca…

Soprano Lianna Haroutounian In Concert!

Amidst the bustling mess that Thanksgiving Weekend produced upon most people who celebrate, I was extremely lucky to get to watch Armenian soprano Lianna Haroutounian performing at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, with Tamara Sanikidze on piano. The program featured a wide variety of different pieces, as well as an Armenian folk melodies set, arranged by Komitas, and a Russian set, which she dedicated to the recently deceased baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Haroutounian also included a solo in the program for Tamara Sanikidze, who performed Frederic Chopin's Nocturne No. 20. This was quite the unusual turn for a solo concert, but I thought the non-traditional move was only an extra bit of enjoyment for the audience, especially considering how moving and emotionally charged Sanikidze's solo performance was.

Haroutounian began the program with a set of Italian songs, all of which were by Rossini, Bellini, and Donizetti. She began with La Promessa, by Gioacchino Rossini, a ver…