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Ghosts in Genoa

I finally got around to writing my first ghost blob! I'm writing this up on my tiny phone, so my formatting may be repulsive. Enjoy!


My first scary, scary ghost location is La Casa delle Anime, translated as "The House of Souls". Located on Via dei Giovi, the house served as an inn for merchants, pilgrims, and warriors in the Middle Ages. The innkeepers would welcome their guests and then brutally murder them in their sleep, robbing their lifeless clients and burying them in the soil around the inn. The innkeepers were eventually caught and sentenced to death. For hundreds of years, the cursed house stood uninhabited until after WWII, when a shunned and disgraced family moved in with a lack of any other options. They experienced the usual set of generic paranormal activities, with objects flying around, moans and screams in the dark, and even a young lady ghost who was searching for her lover. She scared the outcast family so much that they decided to move out.