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Winter Composition Concert: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

The Winter Composition Concert, instructed by Liam Wade, was a nice treat for everyone who went on this boring Wednesday afternoon. It was the middle of the week and everyone felt the weekend coming up, but not quite there yet. The concert took place in Mr. Todd Wedge's Vocal Room on the 3rd floor, and a lot of us got to skip theory class for this (hah!).

The first piece was Duo for Violin and Viola, composed by pianist Jeffrey Qiu and performed by violinist Anju Goto and violist Perris Yee. This piece was very interesting and I enjoyed how the roles of the instruments were distinct.

The next piece, also Duo for Violin and Viola, composed by vocalist Hope Nelson and performed by the same pair, was very pleasant in its nature.

Vocalist Allison Shapiro composed Wishful Thinking, which was performed by violinist Joan Shalit and Allison Shapiro on piano. This piece was very emotional and I felt like the audience could easily relate to it. Ms. Shapiro was inspired by the movie Her. &qu…

2015 Media Nite

This year's Media Nite was a blast; the chairs were all full and the cheers were enthusiastic. On the bottom of the program it said,

"This Media Nite is dedicated to our friend, colleague, and ardent supporter, Mr. Thomas Dallman. Media will miss you."

After losing our beloved biology teacher, Mr. Thomas Dallman, the entire SOTA community has been very considerate and respectful to his family and friends. Lots of students were close with him, and this Media Nite being dedicated to him shows how much he was loved at school.

Media Department Directors: Salome Milstead and Scott Eberhardt.
Media Artists-In Resisdence: Jesse Filipko, Calliope Scherrer, Christian Figueroa, Shani Heckamn Media Families and Friends, FOSOTA, and Julie Glantz for design and promotion.

The spectacular Media Nite included comedic films as well as documentaries, animations, and horror. The wide variety of themes and moods was intriguing, keeping the audience looking forward to the next film.