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An Evening of Romance: Piano Recital at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

December 5, 2014, was truly an evening of romance. Since I was performing, I am forced to skip myself in the review. I do believe it to be amoral to review myself, right?

Janet Lin (class of 2018) opened to recital with The Lark by Mikhail Glinka/Mily Balakrirev. Her interpretation was elegant both visually and musically. Her performance was as gracious as the piece itself. The piece was composed as a song and is very famous.

Rubina Mazurka (class of 2017) and Ms. Lin then performed Lindejara by Claude Debussy. The ensemble produced worked well, but there wasn't enough of the Eastern temper that would make the piece complete.

Roman Dimov (class of 2018) performed Sonata Op. 7; Allegro Moderato by Edvard Grieg. The spirit of the piece fit Mr. Dimov very well, and it was performed with proper emotions and tension. The piece is romantically rebellious and a certain spice of excitement was added to it by the performer.

Slavonic Dance Op. 72 #2; Allegretto grazioso by Anton Dvorak was p…

The Great Mass in C Minor: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Vocal and Intrumental Departments

The Great Mass in C minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of those ambiguous pieces everyone knows from a movie or cartoon. Also, it is most commonly confused with Mozart's Requiem, which is, believe it or not, different. When Mozart wrote the Great Mass, which was during the years 1782 and 1783, he wasn't a Church musician of the Salzburg Cathedral, like he was before. It wasn't commissioned by anyone. Mozart decided to write it in honor of his marriage with Constanza. The Great Mass in C minor is also Mozart's last musical setting of the mass, and it was left unfinished. There were some attempts made out there to complete the Mass; some of them were good and some of them not really, but Mozart's music is still formidable and cannot be defeated. The Great Mass is considered a very difficult piece for performance even for the professional choruses.

SOTA Instrumental Music and Vocal departments joined forces to create two beautiful performances of the Mass. Todd W…