Erin Neff: Recital at Stanford University

Mezzo-soprano Erin Neff gave a wonderful concert on Sunday May 5, 2013. 

2:28p.m. The Stanford University Campbell Recital Hall is small and cozy. Most people didn't show up yet. A grand piano stands a few feet in front of the front row. As more and more people show up, the small auditorium gradually becomes stuffy and loud with people chattering. Then, the concert begins. 

Erin Neff and pianist Kumaran Arul enter. Neff's repertoire for the evening is Francis Poulenc, Jean Sibelius, Edward Grieg, John Duarte, Arnold Schoenberg, Hanns Eisler, Kurt Weill, Xavier Montsalvatge, and Ned Rorem. John Duarte's Five Quiet Songs was sung by Neff with Adam Cockerham on guitar. 

Overall, the performance was wonderful! The music choices were also very well picked out and performed. The auditorium itself was a great projector and the sound travelled everywhere. Most of all, the concert was not boring. The songs were intriguing, and the way they were performed was captivating as well. The harsh German, stiff English, and sweet Finish were all spectacular and exotic languages to sing in. Usually, people choose the standard Italian repertoire for private concerts such as this one. But here...oh, boy! It was fun! As a little treat at the end of the performance, Mrs. Neff sung Kurt Weill's Petroleum Song. Very expressive! 

Erin Neff has sung the Empress Ottavia in West Edge Opera's production of Coronation of Poppear. She has also appeared in San Francisco opera as Blanche in Louise. Neff also keeps her own private voice studio and runs a group of voice classes. 

If you would like to contact Mrs. Neff, go over to her website and check out all of the cool stuff there!

Written by: Rubina Mazurka 


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