Dulcamara? No, John Wellington Wells!

Backstage during Gilbert & Sullivan's time,
the singers find out that the manager's wife is in labor.
Herbst Theatre 1:45.

As the musicians review their parts, people gather to their seats. Musicians are hardly seen, for they are behind the stage. A cloth hanger is in the middle of the stage. To the left and front of it stands an alla antique table and chair. To the right of the cloth hanger stands another table with a piece of cloth on it.
Chris Uzulac and Megan Stetson as JohnWellington Wells and Lady Sanagzure. 

A couple sits in the front row. They don't seem excited. People are still walking around. some can't find their seat and are distressed. Others have taken a seat that doesn't exactly belong to them. Others are just plainly waiting for a friend or family member to come. They were sold out for that performance, the last one.

The musicians continue to play. They stop. The light become dimmer. The show begins. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about right now. Well, this is the scenery of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Sorcerer. I watched a movie in which this lady said,
Robby Stafford and Megan Stetson as
Sir Marmaduke and Lady Sangazure
        "It would have been much better if they had never met."
I agree with her to some degree. But to the other... First of all, let me tell you that William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan didn't actually write the music together. Sullivan wrote the music and Gilbert wrote the libretto. It has always bugged me so much when people say something like,
         "Oh, Gilbert & Sullivan's opera is so awesome! Oh!" That's like saying that Le Nozze di Figaro is Da Ponte and Mozart's opera. It's so nice!

Chris Uzelac as John Wellington Wells
Anyways, the twenty minute intermission has begun. This is the most awkward story. It's similar to Elexir d'Amour, but has some differences. During the overture, the stage was set up as if backstage during Gilbert & Sullivan's time. They receive a note that the manager's wife is going into labor. (The audience laughs for ten or so seconds.) The costumes, by Melissa Wortman, were gorgeous. Wide skirts, yellow breeches over white stockings. Don't know about you but I love this kind of productions.

Lindsay Thompson Roush, Robert Vann, and Chris Uzelac
as Aline, Alexis, and John Wellington Wells
If you don't know the summary, click on this link!

The stunning cast included Lindsay Thompson Roush as the faithful Aline, Robert Vann as her spouse, Rose Frazier as Constance, Megan Stetson as the lustful Lady Sangazure, Robby Stafford as her admirer Sir Marmaduke, Chris Uzelac as the cunning John Wellington Wells, Kelly Powers as Mrs. Partlet, Baker Peeples as Dr. Daly, James MacIvaine as the notary, and Jeffrey Beaudoin as Hercules.

The manager (Chris Uzelac) himself finds out about
his wife going through labor. 
Lindsay Thompson Roush's acting and vocal texture were the best for this role. Robert Vann's alluring voice and aura fit perfectly to the character Alexis. Rose Frazier was able to manifest suffering and rejoicing wonderfully. Megan Stetson's charismatic presence on the stage left the audience with their jaws to the ground. Robby Stafford's acting skills and singing skills were perfect for the comedic character, Sir Marmaduke. Chris Uzelac was able to create the suspense and tension necessary for the role of John Wellington Wells (also known as the sorcerer).

Overall, the whole performance was very entertaining. The cast worked well together and their voices sounded great.

Written by: Rubina Mazurka


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