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Il Trovatore: The Crackling Flame Fizzles

Verdi's masterpiece about a Gypsy woman who mistakes her own child for the child of her enemy and throws her son into the flames. What in the world is she talking about? The opera starts out with Ferrando, Count di Luna's chief guard, telling his soldiers about how when the count was little he had a twin brother. And one day, the nanny woke up to find an old gypsy hovering over the baby. A big racket was put up and the gypsy was shooed away. In a few days, the baby became very sick. The gypsy was caught and condemned to be burnt on the stake. Her daughter, Azucena, was there and the old gypsy told her daughter to avenge her. Mi vendica! Azucena runs into the castle and steals the counts twin brother and comes back to the fire. She had her own child with her, and she mixed up the two children and burned her own instead of the enemy's!

Ten years later. Azucena's "son" is all grown up and he falls in love with a lady by the name of Leonora. Manrico, Azucena'…