The Prophet: What Others Think

This is the 'questions only' part an interview, taken on February 2, 2013, with Anna Seven about her thoughts on The Prophet by Alexander Pushkin. (Anna Seven is a painter. Check out her webpage here. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.) The full interview will be in the proceeding post.

Rubina Mazurka: Since you have read both the English and Russian version of the poem, does the translation depict the music of the language at its full strength? 

RM: I know that you are working on a series of paintings based on The Prophet. Why have you chosen this specific poem instead of many others by Pushkin?

RM: Every time I read this poem I find the part where the Seraph rips the poet's tongue out disturbing. Do you find any parts of this poem disturbing or peculiar?

RM: What do you think about The Prophet in general? Is Pushkin displaying his full strength through it? 

RM: Do you agree with Pushkin that this is the way prophets are born? Or that all types of artists are prophets in his/her own way? (Would Giuseppe Verdi be a prophet?)   

RM: Even though the poem is gruesome in some ways, it is still beautiful. Do you agree or disagree?

RM: They say that The Prophet is one of Pushkin's best poem. Do you agree with that? Why or why not? 

The answers to these questions will follow. 


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