Why The Oceans Are Blue

Billions upon billions years ago the ocean was purple. Yes it was purple. Queen Violetta, a beautiful mermaid, ruled over the ocean and every single one of her subjects adored her. She was just and fair and split everything properly. They were all also vegetarians so they ate seaweed. There were farmers who uprooted the seaweed. These farmers were usually lobsters, for they used their claws to snip the seaweed off. The army leaders were usually sharks or whales and the soldiers were crabs and fish.
            They were all living in an underwater Utopia when something horrible happened. King Bob came from the other side of the ocean where the ocean was blue! He was evil. He came with his army of crabs and a war broke out. Queen Violetta sent her army of crabs and fish and even lobsters took arms for the sake of their purple ocean. King Bob took with him little plastic bags with blue water in them for his goal was to make all of the oceans blue!
            The war was stopped but Queen Violetta was taken captive. Her citizens mourned her absence until one of the shark commanders announced a competition. Whoever could rescue Queen Violetta will receive a prize of a seaweed field. Many citizens considered this but not many were willing. Only two: a mermaid named Antoinette Bella and a merman by the name of Prince Leon. Prince Leon was Queen Violetta’s secret lover.
            Prince Leon and Antoinette Bella set out to find Queen Violetta in the blue seas. They kept on moving when at last they came upon the blue sees. It was a harsh switch for them but they managed. They could also spot the castle. Queen Violetta was in a dungeon. Prince Leon and Antoinette Bella crept inside and heard King Bob talking to his servant.
            “You idiot!” yelled King Bob. “I don’t need her alive…I need her dead!”
Antoinette Bella and Prince Leon snuck by them and made it to the dungeons. Queen Violetta was in one of the cells. Prince Leon ran to the door but two guards, (who were anemones), were coming towards them. Prince Leon took out his sword and sliced one of the anemones but the other one swallowed Antoinette Bella up. Prince Leon scowled as he swung his mighty sword all over the place, killing all of the anemones. He opened the gate to Queen Violetta’s cell but found her dead! Oh, no! He swirled and swam as fast as he could towards the exit. Three lobsters swam after him but Prince Leon managed to escape. He swam back to the purple sea and told everybody the horrid news.
            The crowd was not satisfied. They were hoping that maybe Prince Leon would find Queen Violetta and bring her back alive Instead; he lost Antoinette Bella and Queen Violetta. While they were debating, King Bob’s army attacked once more. They were all holding Ziploc bags with blue ocean water in them. As soon as they reached the Purple Sea border, they all popped their bags and released the blue water into the purple one. Queen Violetta’s sea was becoming darker and darker and darker. The murky water hid all of the sea animals.
            Prince Leon was devastated and angry at the same time. He unsheathed his sword and launched forward at King Bob and a duel broke out between them. They fought and fought and fought until King Bob tripped over his own tail and pierced Prince Leon with his spear. King Bob bellowed.
            “Muahahahaha!” he laughed.

            From then and on, the oceans are blue.


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