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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s fantastical opera Don Giovanni has three heroines in it. Donna Elvira, Donna Anna, and Zerlina.

            Donna Anna is a noblewoman. She is engaged to Don Ottavio and at the beginning of the opera her father, Il Comendatore, was murdered. The action in the opera starts with Leporello sitting in the cold outside while Don Giovanni is seducing Donna Anna. (Who knows where Don Ottavio was at that moment?) When Leporello hears footsteps, he quickly hides. Don Giovanni enters with Donna Anna clinging on to him. She says that she will not let him run. Il Comendatore hears Donna Anna’s shrieks and runs to her aid. Donna Anna, seeing her father, runs off to get Don Ottavio. Don Giovanni kills Il Comendatore and exits with Leporello. Donna Anna is left mourning over her father’s death with Don Ottavio.  Donna Anna once was attracted to Don Giovanni. If he was able to seduce her that means that she wanted to be seduced. Donna Anna is confused in what she wants. Sh…

The Freaky Life of a Freaky Man, Author of Many Freakin' Good Freaky Stories

Edgar Allan Poe was a 
writer, literacy critic, and poet.  Edgar Allan Poe was
the first American author who tried to live off of his writings.  He wrote many articles, stories, and reviews.  He also worked in a newspaper company called Southern Literary Messenger.  He was part of the Romantic Movement and was the first American author to start writing short stories and grotesque mysteries. In 1845, Poe wanted to start publishing his own magazine. Unfortunately, he died before he could do it. Some of the genres that he wrote in were macabre, detective, and science fiction.             Most of Poe’s stories are about being buried alive because while he was serving in the army, he saw people getting buried alive.             Born in 1809 to a family of traveling actors, Poe became one of the world’s greatest authors.  In 1811, after both of his parents died of tuberculosis, Edgar Allan Poe began living with John and Frances Allan, who never formally adopted him.  Later i…